Meek & Humble of Heart, 6

another image for which I can find no artist or explanation; 

This shows up in a lot of "black Jesus" collections on the 'net, which I think is interesting because it suggests the enduring attraction of the Sacred Heart. 

Meek and Humble of Heart, 5

by sculptor Cristine Duniec, roughly this year 

Meek & Humble of Heart, 4


Meek & Humble, 3


I suppose this won't be to everyone's taste, but I love it. I think of Christ's heart as tender, yes, but wild, and not tamed to the dimensions of what we can handle or expect.

Meek & Humble of Heart


I'm uncertain of the provenance of this icon. The internet suggests "Mexican folk art," and that could be right, but I don't find anyone using the image who explains where it comes from.  What I did find, via Google, was this nice post on how the devotion developed. He looks meek and humble of heart here, I think.

Update: an internet friend says this is, "Icon of the Sacred Heart painted by Clotilde Devillers for the Abbey of Saint Madeleine." Mexican, French, whatevs! 

Feast of Mary, Mother of the Church

Protection of Theotokos, Mid 17th century, Ukraine

I said I was going to be doing a series of Sacred Heart images, but a memorial intervened and I thought this was purdy. 

(But on the theme, here's a proposal to everyone post Sacred Hearts all month.)

Come, Holy Spirit


Too late for this year, but next year we should all meet up in Philly for the Pentecost Vigil, a special liturgy almost no one uses.