Actually, It's a Good Thing

Reports Zenit: "In Britain this week, BBC's coverage of religion was put under internal review. There have been two recent reports into the quality of its media coverage, along with data showing that the hours dedicated to religion by BBC 1 declined last year, the station reported last Monday."

Given the nature and quality of BBC coverage, I'd rather have none, frankly. After the recent death of the Pope I heard their "Vatican expert" confidently declare that Cardinals over 80 can vote, but are barred from being made Pope, among many other flat-wrong pronouncements. We don't need anyone pushing the Beeb to up the number of tabloid quality hit pieces it generally does on any muscular form of Christianity. Religious groups complaining about less BBC religion reporting is like the old joke about the Jewish grandmother telling the waiter, "The food at this restaurant is disgusting. . . and such small portions!"