All Marriage is Gay Marriage

Regarding the previous post, an important addendum would be to note that contraception --especially the arrival of the pill-- has already carried most of the water for the same-sex marriage movement by disconnecting sexuality from the next generation in our minds. Thanks to the pill, virtually all marriage in our culture is "gay marriage." When no one thinks about children, we become a people centered on ourselves, in denial about our own mortality and viewing kids --and ultimately, all other people-- as nuisances (can you say Baby Boomers?). Hell is other people, as Sartre said. Whereas for Christianity, heaven is other people.

Secondly, think it's worth highlighting this Michael Novak piece in response to Andrew Sullivan's anti-B16 sputterings. It's an important argument in itself, but what especially struck me was his charity towards Sullivan. This is how to respect an "enemy."