Can the BLT be long in coming?

The Lord protects fools and children, and thus the God o' the Garden has protected this tomato-lovin' fool from Spring frosts. Put tomatoes and other veggies in the ground one month ago (early April). Saw the little plants at the local nursery when I was picking up something else and became tomato-struck. Knew it was too early, yet succumbed to temptation. It took a fair amount of obsessive weather tracking and late-night plant-covering, but now, past the danger of frost, my little beauties have those tell-tale yellow blossoms on them.

Experimenting this year with a few other crops, too. Scallions, carrots, various kinds of lettuce --some of which are already ripe for harvest. Surrounded the garden with marigolds, which according to Mom's lore will keep away slugs. Watch this space for slug-blogging.