Destination: Bangor, Maine

She know it's inappropriate, but RC2 can't help but think of "King of the Road" each time she hears (as has happened twice this week) a flight from Europe has been re-routed because of a terrorist threat. What's Uncle Sam have against Bangor that it's okay for a terrorist to land there, RC2 asked her brother at dinner today? It's the airport that is geographically closest to Europe, he explained. Oh. In case you were wondering, too . . . .
Everybody now, sing along:
Had to re-route the plane--
Destination: Bangor, Maine
I'm on the no-fly list
Connecting flights will all be missed.
I've got C-4 inside my shoes
Your bags aren't all you stand to lose.
I'm a man who's mean by all means.
Terrorist Toad