Good Book on Family Life

Probably once a week RC2 is asked to recommend a good book on Catholic family life. Woe to those who ask, because they get her verbal manifesto about all the good books out there --and how they all lead parents astray in some respects. (Note to the Catholic Right: children are not little balls of depravity who must be kept down. Let our Protestant brethren think that; we have infant Baptism instead. Note to the Catholic Left: offering parents a one-size-fits-all formula for "bonding" is not what John Paul II meant by "personalism.")
Reviewing Lit. for the book rack at her parish, RC2 came across Rev. Lawrence Lovasik's 1962 The Catholic Family Handbook, re-issued by Sophia Press. Have not yet read every word, but I like what I have read so far. Realistic, practical, balanced, sensible and un-formulaic, although written pre-Vatican II, you'll be amazed how contemporary it sounds.