Happy Anniversary, B16

Pope Benedict celebrates the 28th anniversary of his episcopal ordination today (May 28th). RC2 used to see felt banners in Churches in the early 80s that read "We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song." "Yuck," she thought, "typical hippie feel-good nonsense." Then she discovered this phrase is from St. Augustine. What does this have to do with B16, you ask? Well, he loves St. Augustine ("my companion for 40 years"). He was born & baptized on Easter vigil (a fact he has always considered significant), and his ordination 28 years ago fell on the vigil of Pentecost that year. And he was elevated to the papacy during the Easter season. So: an Easter Pope. Tanti Auguri et Ad Multos Annos, PapaRatzi!