"Honor is the social witness given to human dignity"

That line from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (see previous post) is telling, no? Not to flog the deceased equine being, but this is how the introduction of contraception and abortion lead inexhorably to the coarsening of society. A sense of honor and decorum is intimately linked to the concept of human dignity. Damage the sense of the person's dignity, and you will have Presidents who feel bound to answer impertinent teen questions about their skivvies, the sudden-acceptability of the word "butt" (RC2 recalls fondly when everyone was at pains to say something more genteel) and we can all insert other pet indignities. To say nothing of our quickness to believe the lowest behavior of our fellow creatures (RC2 has a psychotherapist friend who notes that a man can lead a life of exemplary kindness and service in every way. If it happens that he has a low moment one day and yells at someone, everyone will remark, "Now he reveals his true self!").
Nastiness, too, is part of the culture of death -- so let's not have anymore cant about how people's "private choices" have no effect on those of us who choose differently.