I See London, I See France, I See the Mother of All Underpants

The usual suspects are up in arms about the violation of Saddam Hussein's rights because someone snuck his photo while he was in his underpants. Over at Powerline, they're not taking it too seriously:

"Whatever. Saddam used to have his minions make videos when they would torture, rape and murder his political opponents (or anyone else who happened to run afoul of the ruling gang of criminals). Saddam and his cohorts would watch these videos for fun. (Hitler did the same thing, by the way--one of the rare Hitler analogies that is actually justified.) So do I have a lot of sympathy because Saddam got photographed in his underwear, folding a pair of slacks in what looks, not like a jail cell, but like a hotel room? Um, no. I don't. "

Neither is the President, methinks. RC2 heard the Prez comment (paraphrasing, but the key words are correct): "I trust we will get to the bottom of this. In a transparent way."