In which she rants about things that bug her, Vol. 2

Stretch-fabrics and a populace growing day-by-day in obesity: not a match made in heaven. Morning errands sometimes carry me by the local high school as the kids head to class. RC2 rolls eyes, shakes head. It's not that the girls are hardly dressed, although I protest that too. But what possesses chubby girls (of which at this school there are many) to wear pants as tight as girdles that push their averdupois into one big roll of unsightly flab at the midriff --which is bare because of the cropped shirt? When I was a chubby teen, I dressed in an effort to camoflauge my figure flaws. What could possibly possess a girl to flaunt them? Do guy-teens like flab rolls now? Eeew.

RC2 rolls eyes, shakes head again.