It Begins

RC2 remembers two good lines from the last Indiana Jones flick. Escaping Nazi Germany in a blimp, Indiana & his father (Sean Connery) are having a drink. Indiana says something to the effect that his dad was never "there" for him (speaking of anachronistic behavior and dialogue). Which provokes the response, "Do I sense a rebuke?" (Maybe you have to hear Connery deliver it). Connery goes on to say to his adventuresome son, "You left just when you were beginning to get interesting."
Don't take what she is about to say wrong, but she has been wondering when her kids were going to get interesting. (See, you are taking it wrong. Stop.) They are cute and engaging and fascinating and fun and every bit as good as the kids you've read about in the Christmas letters you get every year, and she can hardly look at them without melting and giving 'em "muchos smoochos," as we say in the Weed household. And they've uttered their fair share of "out of the mouths of babes" wisdom.
What she means is that very little kids lack the capacity for wonder. They see sunsets and mountain vistas and respond, "Can I have some Goldfish now?" Today, something new. RC2 took the kids to pick strawberries at a farm this afternoon and her oldest (who just made his 1st communion 2 weeks ago) at one point lifted his eyes to the horizon, stretched and said, "It does make you feel like you live in a free country to look all around you and see nothing but fields, doesn't it?" He's beginning to get interesting!