Keep Reminding Yourself We're Winning

Because of the fire-fights in Afghanistan the past few days, and intensified troubles in Iraq, we are sure to start hearing reports that it's all going south for us in the mid-East. RC2 thinks this means just the opposite. Al-Qaida spread to Iraq after Afghanistan, and the resurgence of troubles in Afghanistan probably means it's being driven out of Iraq. Maybe she's just telling herself what she needs to hear, but everyone is commenting that the Prez. seems especially bouyant lately. I think we're hot on the tail of Osama. We got his #3 guy last week, and ABC is reporting we got al-Zarqawi's right-hand man yesterday (CIA won't confirm, but they're not confirming in that yeah, we got 'em kinda way). Chrenkoff publishes 20 things going right in Iraq each day, if you ever need a reality check.