Leaving the Left

Maybe you heard this on Limbaugh today, but it's so good, it's worth reading. Another "Ron Silver" Leftist defects.

Also worth reading is this Weekly Standard hit piece on George Galloway. He's the British MP massively implicated in the UN oil-for-food scandal. RC2 guiltily admits she thoroughly enjoyed his testimony before Congress last week. Cheeky monkey (Galloway, not herself)! Not one word he uttered was true, but he lied so elegantly! The Brits do have a way with language. In keeping with that observation, RC2 offers this bit of evidence that although Christopher Hitchens is a hateful person in many respects, he is still one of the English language's best polemicists. Curtsy to ninme for the link --the Weeds' local post office takes the term "periodical" literally, and delivers her copy of the Standard only periodically.