Mild About Harry

Powerline reminds us that the whole debate over judges comes down to one thing only. You know what it is, and its proponents are the reason Harry Reid can't back down.
RC2 almost feels sorry for him. From her perch on the political spectrum he's never been her hero, but he wasn't NARAL's either. She believes he's a lot more conservative than the party that he's leading. Have you noticed that when "moderate" Republicans are put in the position of having to be conservative, they don't know how? They can read the political winds and "throw some red meat" to the base, but, lacking conviction, they can't come up with anything substantive --they just resort to insulting the other side. Think of the 1984 Republican convention. There was Jeanne Kirkpatrick's "they always blame America first" speech, which was a home run, but there was also Gerry Ford and a handful of others who thought "going right" meant being mildly insulting. Back to Reid: RC2 believes he's in the same pickle with his party. He hasn't fully drunk the Kool-Aid himself, but he knows he must throw red meat (or spiced tofurkey perhaps) to his base. Lacking ideological commitment, he resorts to insults: The President is a loser, etc. RC2 thinks an adept political leader could have prevented the "nuclear" option by turning some more RINOs. Mr. RC2 predicts a "dump Harry" movement from w/n the Dems when the fallout clears.