New Movements in the News

Yes, RC2 knows that Opus Dei is a personal prelature and not technically a movement. But she can't bring herself to say, "new movements and ecclesial realities" each time the subject comes up. Both stories from Zenit & worth reading.

  • Opus Dei ordained 42 priests today --including 28 from Europe! What splendid news. The prelate of The Work, Bishop Echevarría, said in his homily, "The priest is for the Eucharist in the Church and at the service of the Church." Also: "Without full communion with the Roman Pontiff and one's ordinary, the priest cannot carry out a true ecclesial service." Hmm. Do we notice any themes in the words of the pope and the heads of the NM&ERs?
  • Not "The Work," but "The Work of the Church." RC2 had never heard of this new movement, but the Pope greeted them and told them to be faithful to their charism today. Says Zenit, "its principal charism, based on a theological mystical experience, is the spreading of love in the Church."