Newsweek Fallout

Jim Geraghty over at TKS has a good summary of WPAS (what people are saying) about Korangate. I am not the first to observe it, but what troubles me most about the incident is the extreme readiness of reporters to believe the absolute worst of anyone in government or military service. I am sorry, but even after Abu Ghraib, the Korangate story just doesn't "sound" real to me. Why did it to Newsweek? Geraghty makes a different point which is worth reading entirely, but here's the money quote:
"Everybody else seems to grasp the explosive and dangerous passions stirred by stories like this. But somehow Newsweek… these worldly reporters… who sneer at the President, and many of his supporters for not understanding the world beyond our borders sufficiently… were caught completely unawares of what the potential fallout for this story could be."