Pope jokes and other news

Also in the Post this morning, a report that when B16 read the Latin declaration of JPtheGreat's cause, the crowd burst into applause and he joked that they must know Latin very well.
Meanwhile, in the Washington Times: Huzzah! A pre-court-martial investigation has led to the recommendation that all charges against Marine Lt. Ilario Pantano be dropped. If you haven't followed the case, he's the guy who had the effrontery in time of war to shoot two men who refused his command --in Arabic-- to stop moving forward. His accuser is an underling who has changed his story several times and is disgruntled by a demotion. A man puts his life at risk for us and the govt. makes it its business to second-guess his split-second judgments in the so-called "Triangle of Death"? I don't think so. Thanks be to God, the investigators don't, either. Pantano appears to be a gem by the way. He was a Wall Street guy and a tv producer who gave up his career to talk his way back into the Marines (at 30 he was a little long in the tooth for them) in order to serve. RC2 curtsies to him.
One reason RC2 prefers the Times is that her favorite cartoonist occasionally gets the lead editorial cartoon spot, as he does this morning. Here's the link to the page, but as of this posting, they still only have yesterday's lead cartoon up. You can find it here, though. It's entitled "Catch-22."