The Artist Formally Known As Sam has a game he plays with a friend. They write reviews-- "pre-views"-- of movies before they see them. It's kind of fun. So has anyone yet run the gauntlet (ahem) to see Legolas Takes Jerusalem? RC2 doesn't want to go, not wanting to give $ to what one expert on the Crusades has called "Osama bin Laden's version of history." On the other hand, several sources she usually trusts have said it's not so anti-Christian as she would guess were she to write a pre-view.
And are you going to see Star Wars whatever # this is? RC2 thinks Hayden Christiansen, the guy playing Anakin/Darth Vader is hands down the most wooden (let's not dignify him with the title actor) line-reader she has ever encountered. Worse than Keanu "runs the gamut from A to B" Reeves. And it's George Lucas, ergo, it can't be good (remember RC2's rule about what happens to acting when the director focuses on spectacle?). RC2 needs to know how Anakin become Darth however. It's a weakness.