Project Snowflake

Did you catch the wonderful photo-op the President did a few days ago at the White House? Explaining why he would veto the bill permitting creation of embryos for experimentation, the President stood with some 20 kids who were once frozen embryos and had been adopted through Operation Snowflake. The W. Post has an article this morning about a potential rift between Evangelicals and Catholics over frozen embryo adoption. They aren't wrong about there being no definitive word from the Vatican over the practice, but do you sense the Post is just a little too eager to find a rift among pro-lifers? Or is RC2 too cynical?
It's above her pay-grade to decide the question, but just for the record, it is far from clear that Benedict will rule against embryo adoption, contrary to the expectation of the story. Worthy and trusted theologians have taken both sides of the question. (Here's a good article on the matters at stake. RC2 is of a mind to support such adoption, but not so foolish as to try to jump authoritatively into a matter on which Bill May & Msgr. Smith disagree!)