Rhetoric At Odds With Lifestyle

It's Friday, so --yay! another VDH treat. This time he's after the Vice-President of Pepsi, among others (you may have followed the story over at Powerline). And the British Cricket star who incited anti-American riots by calling everyone's attention to the false Newsweek/Koran story.
The master rhetorician strikes again.
Reading VDH reminds RC2 of something Karol Wojtyla said while he was a student (RC2 is reading Kalendarium: The Making of the Pope of the Millennium). After hearing Cardinal Sapieha speak once, Karol turned to a friend and said, "I would like to be able to speak like that. But how?" RC2 wants to write like VDH. She already knows how he would answer the question, "How?" Thucydides, Thucydides, Thucydides.