Saturday Catch-Up: James Watt

The Washington Post ran this excellent op-ed from James Watt on Saturday. The story is old --people seeing belief in the second coming of Christ as an environmental threat based on something Watt is alleged to have said that was made up out of the whole cloth.
What strikes RC2 most in the piece is the way his critics use "some people" to mean "one person, allegedly" --they build a whole movement out of one weird comment that turns out never to have been uttered. A priest friend once gave RC2 sage advice about running apostolic works within the Church. Beware when people give you feedback that "people" are saying or doing x,y,z. It may be so, but pin them down on who they mean, he advised. Usually "everyone" means "I" and "people" means "one person whom I don't much like." Good advice.