Sith Theology

Orson Scott Card has a worthwhile essay on the new Star Wars and its meaning. (RC2 has read too many interpretations, including a Straussian reading which was a little too much for her, but take a look at this one). He writes:
"When the evil Palpatine says, “Good is a point of view--the Sith and the Jedi are almost the same,” we can dismiss this moral relativism as part of the deception of the dark side.
But in a pivotal scene, Obi-Wan says what amounts to the same thing: “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.”
Isn’t that odd? The only thing both sides agree on is that people who believe in absolute good and evil are bad!
I suspect that Lucas realized, after writing "Good is a point of view," that all his friends actually believed that. So he had to make it clear that moral relativism was the right way after all—so he had Obi-Wan say that absolutism was a Sith thing, even though in the actual story, the best of the Jedis show an unbending commitment to absolute Good." Curtsy to Ignatius Insight --and check them out today for other good stuff.