Suffrage for Kuwaiti Women!

RC2 just picked up kids from school. On the way, she offered up a few moments of the Al Franken show. Does that guy do anything but whine? He referred to Bush's Iraq policy as "that debacle." Ah, yes, let's list the results of that debacle, shall we?
  • Liberation of Iraq, including the closing of mass graves, human shredders, bride-rapes and other Saddam-Hussein-era loveliness.
  • Free elections in Iraq (remember the beautiful purple fingers?)
  • Plan to withdraw US troops from Saudi Arabia made viable
  • Pakistan turned from enemy into ally
  • Libya voluntarily disbands its bio-weapons programs and invites in UN inspectors.
  • Peaceful revolutions inspired in Georgia & Ukraine
  • Elections in Palestine
  • Syria's "voluntary" withdrawal from Lebanon
  • Mid-East peace negotiations back on track (sort of, anyway)
  • Thousands of al-Qaida fighters dead or retired (and not crossing over the Mexican border)
  • and now this.

Let's have more such debacles, please.