An Unexpected Pleasure

VDH on Monday! In the LA Times, the author of Mexifornia puts out a proposal for immigration reform. Talk amongst yourselves, but RC2 likes it. It's clear --if only to combat terrorism-- that we have to close the border. However, RC2 agrees with the US bishops that allowing one person to enter legally and then making it a complicated five-year process to bring his family to join him is wrong. And they're right that Hispanic immigration isn't the only immigration to pay attention to. The bishops are wrong, however, to imply that closed-border advocates are racists, even though RC2 dislikes the idea increasingly bandied about that people are the problem.
When RC2 was a lobbyist, she would gladly have traded any dozen immigrant cabbies she spoke with for the leadership of the U.S. Congress if love of the U.S. and good character were the standards for citizenship. RC2 still believes in the Emma Lazarus poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty. People are not the problem; the problem is liberal policies that corrupt and thwart any hope of assimilating people and making them into Americans. VDH addresses all these things in 800 words!