Unified Theory of Family Tax Incentives

As soon as time permits, RC2 has a manifesto about the role of the laity, the role of bishops and the social teaching of the Church. (Note to all: Catholic social teaching is not reducible to the economic program of the Democratic party).

From Steve Sailer, via Galley Slaves, via Mickey Kaus, comes this on affordable family formation and politics. Click my link to find a link to the original post --the original site is blocked on RC2's server.

"Sailer notes four categories making up this idea:

* "The Dirt Gap"--land supply around cities which drives the cost of housing.
* "The Mortgage Gap"--"Bush carred the 20 states with the cheapest housing costs, while Kerry won the 9 states with the most expensive."
* "The Marriage Gap"--"Bush carried the top 25 states ranked on 'years married'."
* "The Baby Gap"--"Bush carried 25 of the top 26 states in white total fertility . . . while Kerry was victorious in the bottom 16."

"None of these "gaps" is new, but Sailer's the first person I've seen to combine them into a unified field theory of financial family incentives. Thought provoking stuff. "