W on JP

The President was given an award by the International Republican Institute last night. Another recipient was John Paul II, about whom the President said this:

"I understand a little later on you're going to give an award to a true champion of freedom and that is Pope John Paul II. Everywhere he went, Pope John Paul preached that the call of freedom is for every member of the human family -- because the Author of Life wrote it into our common human nature. And in the end, even the Berlin Wall could not withstand the force of this humble Polish priest, who became the Bishop of Rome -- and a true hero for the ages. Thank you for honoring this good man. (Applause.) "

Here's the text of his speech, which says nothing more about JP II but is worth reading. For more of W. on JPII, check out the press conference he gave aboard Air Force One on the way home from JP's funeral. Great stuff if you missed it --has any U.S. President ever spoken so openly about his faith? (Read the whole thing --his comments on his experience in Rome are peppered throughout).