Yes, She Is A Shameless Pope Groupie

Another goodie from Catholic Online. This time a wonderful interview with one of B16's good friends, with more tidbits about what he's like. My favorite bit is how bringing then-Cardinal Ratzinger an Advent wreath from Bavaria to make him feel more at home in Rome became practically a cottage business:

Kuehnel was still flying to Rome when he began taking Bavarian Advent wreaths. "It started with two wreaths," he said, "one for his office, the other for his living quarters. I was traveling by plane then, and when they opened my suitcase at customs, they grew very solemn and started offering me their condolences. They thought I was going to a funeral, bringing wreaths for the grave."

Pope John Paul II saw Cardinal Ratzinger's wreaths and asked for some, too. The following year, Kuehnel transported more wreaths in his car, with an especially big one for the pope. The news of the wreaths spread throughout the Vatican, then beyond its walls. "Last year, I had 52 wreaths in the back of my car," said Kuehnel, smiling.

Christmas trees are also in high demand. "Last year, I transported eight Bavarian trees on the roof of my car," said Kuehnel. "I carry too much to get everything into a plane. ... My best driving record was eight hours (to Rome); now it takes me 10."