The Anchoress Likes Hitchens, Too

This time it's because he's defending smokers. He recently testified before the DC Council (which is considering banning smoking in all bars & restaurants). How can you not grudgingly admire a guy who says this to elected officials?

Noting that strip clubs are exempted from the smoking ban, Hitchens said to TAS, “I don’t know why these blue noses and puritans are trying to drive me into a life of debauchery."

or this:
Is it beyond the wit of this great city, this great country, this great culture, to find a place where people like myself can meet people to whom hospitality means, ‘This is my house but when you’re here this is your house and you can do as you please’? And that’s why we call it a hospitality industry in the first place.

or this:

the current version of prohibitionism is a left one. It’s phrased in what you’d have to describe as a liberal voice, but it has a fundamentally illiberal conclusion. And it believes everywhere should be a freakin’ cheerful Disneyland. I don’t want to live in a freakin’ cheerful Disneyland. I want to live in a
world with fearful anxiety and with all the things to combat it.

The Anchoress concludes: too bad he's so faith-phobic. Yes.