Ba'athists & Jihadists: Great Together

Although we have been perpetually told that the two have nothing to do with one another, VDH reports the candid witness of an important jihadist on the subject. (Incidentally, remember the bus full of terrorists the US blew up --and then took flak for because they were just "merchants"? Guess who was right?).

Spousal Unit has been reading Lawrence of Arabia's Seven Pillars of Wisdom, his long memoir of his leadership of the Arab revolt against the Turks during WWI. Lawrence takes the view that any Westerner who truly understands Arab culture can live and travel unmolested in Arab lands. He also makes an interesting aside about Wahabism, which he describes as a Muslim heresy that appeals to the desert peoples who have nothing at all. It is excessively pietistic (which I take it means moralistic or Puritanical). It sweeps in from the desert every so often and crashes against the rock of the Muslim cities and dissipates. That is because the urban Moslems are wealthier men of the world, more tolerant, and don't like the excessive pietism. Not sure how to reconcile that with the personal wealth of the the current Wahabist leaders, although I suppose desire for power and manipulation of a creed is explanation enough. At any rate, it's interesting. For those who are forever trying to answer the question whether Islam is inherently our enemy or merely overtaken at present, it's a more optimistic view.