| has its translation of the Pope's Wednesday audience up. Isn't it charming that he is continuing with the commentaries on the scripture passages contained in vespers that John Paul the Great had planned? For his part, JPG continued the audience cycle that JPI planned before he started his amazing theology of the body cycle.
At the end of a commentary on a passage from Philippians, the Pope summarized in English (his summary in other languages is a nice touch, no?) and then, in Spanish, reminded the faithful to prepare for the upcoming feast of the Sacred Heart. Read the whole thing at Zenit, but RC2 digs this admonition to young people:
". . .in the school of the Heart of Christ, you will learn to assume with seriousness the responsibilities that await you." Remember his pre-conclave homily about "adult faith"? This is what he's calling young people --and all of us-- to.