Good News Dept.

RC2's server blocks Arthur Chrenkoff for some reason, so she's happy that WSJ has started printing some of his work. The right-wing blogosphere praises him for covering news that the MSM ignores. If you read this and your local paper/evening news, you get a better sense of the overall picture.
Love this, for example:
"A new youth movement aims to put aside past conflict and build a better future for the country:
Hundreds of young men, fed up with the ethnic animosities that have long divided Afghanistan, are traveling the country preaching peace and brotherhood.
"Just yesterday our youngsters were trying to kill one another, but today they're thinking about national unity and they want to live as brothers," said Haji Sarajuddin, a teacher from Kandahar province.
Sarajuddin recently accompanied about 200 senior high school students from the traditional Pashtun stronghold in the south to Mazar-e-Sharif in the north, in an area where ethnic Tajiks and Uzbeks are in the majority.
The two regions came to symbolise the deep divisions that marked the years of strife of the Nineties.
But in April, nearly 300 students in Mazar-e-Sharif warmly embraced their fellow countrymen from Kandahar when they met at a local hotel. "
But wait, there's more. . . .