Gotta Love That UN "Dialogue"

A pal & I used to run a little Catholic women's group that was able to send three delegates to the U.N.'s Beijing conference on women. It would take more energy than I have at present to recount The Horror! The Horror! of it, but I can pass along one detail. The open formal sessions were scripted and platitudinous; the real meat of the conference took place behind the scenes in working groups. Our delegate/spies reported that the UN allowed only delegates to attend these working sessions --not their translators. And no official translation was provided.

That was the main UN strategy for getting nations to accept the European & American (this was during the Clinton Administration) program of sexual license: by simply not explaining to non-English speakers the innocuous-sounding English codewords. (For example: gender equality did not mean equal rights for women, but promotion of five alleged genders --now I think the UN is up to nine, although I couldn't guess what they are). So much for "dialogue."

Nice to see that some things remain constant in life. They're up to their old tricks.