Indiana Graham & The Last Crusade

Actually, I guess Billy Graham is from North Carolina.
What's being billed as his last crusade began this evening in New York. The Weed household is innocent of cable tv (I would like to say this is to protect the kids from harmful influences, but it's really to protect Mrs. Easily-Mesmerized from couch-potato-dom), so I went to my folks' place tonight (they were out) to try to catch the crusade. Am I crazy or didn't they broadcast them when I was a kid? So where was it? The closest I could come was Sean Hannity doing his schtick on-site (at least he ran a nice interview with the Rev. Billy).
Justin Torres gives a nice overview of Rev. Graham's career here. Everyone should try to catch at least a few moments listening to our nation's greatest preacher say good-bye.
Is it just me or is it strange that the crusade was not promoted in NY/NJ Catholic parishes as in previous years? Nor is there any official Catholic presence --though one was invited. I make no accusations one way or the other, knowing no particulars. But it seems ---especially in light of Graham's deeply gracious comments at John Paul's passing-- a little strange. For the record, although altar calls aren't the Catholic way, the crusade's policy is to pass the names of Catholics making the altar call to diocesan officials for follow-up.
At any rate, more than 100,000 people are there tonight. (Yes, Maureen Dowd, 100,000 evangelicals are in your city. Can't you just feel the shudder?)