Joke's On Us

RC2 & Spousal Unit were at a wedding all day today. Lots of interesting Church gossip, since two of her spies in Rome came for the wedding, but it will have to keep until tomorrow. Have to pass one joke along, however, because of its cultural relevance. Hope it will translate in the telling, since it is actually a visual joke.
One of the great joys of the day was seeing the cantor at the wedding. She's a close friend who has just returned w/ her husband from China, where they adopted a baby girl, and we got to meet their daughter for the first time. This turned the conversation to China for a time. One friend said their family has a friend who lived in China as a teacher for years. One morning she entered the classroom (4th graders, maybe?) to find the kids laughing and talking secretively in a huddle. The instant they saw her, they stiffened as if they were up to something. Turns out they were just telling jokes, but didn't want her to hear because they were American jokes. "Tell me one," she pleaded, "I won't be mad, I really want to know."
Remember, this is a visual. To get it, you have to do this: 1) Put your thumbs under your lower eyelids and your pointer fingers over your upper eyelids and pull your eyes wide open. 2) In that position say, "Do you take credit cards?"
Remember Chinese, Japanese, Dirty Knees from 2nd grade or so? RC2 fell out laughing.