Learning to Take Orders, But Not Initiative or Responsibility

That's the way the people of Iraq grew up under Saddam Hussein, according to Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari. Read his op-ed in the Australian. Curtsy to Chrenkoff for that link, and this one --a Q& A session at the Council on Foreign Relations. (Blast from the past: it's moderated by Vin Weber). Among many interesting things in the Q&A session is this reminder of how much the Iraqis want to be free and sovereign.

One of the families in Iraq who came to vote was met by terrorists, who wanted to throw a grenade. One of the youths, Iraqi youths, jumped on the person who had the grenade. That person was martyred, and that family that came to vote continued to vote. They stayed where they were. They voted. They stood their ground. They stood fast. And this is the way that the Iraqi people show their determination and their courage and their stamina and their enthusiasm.

Kind of an interesting juxtaposition with Howard Dean criss-crossing the nation saying it's too hard for Americans to vote! While you're at it, read part 30 of Chrenkoff's goodnews from Iraq. There now. You don't have to feel so bad that your local tv station isn't carrying the President's speech.