One Reason Christianity Thrives Here

RightWingNews (curtsy to Powerline) posted an interview with Mark Steyn that one might call "wide-ranging." I would call it hops-all-over-the-map, but their exchange about why Christianity is dying in Europe and alive here caught my eye. He makes the Hugo Rahner, SJ point --that the death of religion in Europe has been the establishment of religion. Read the interview for more on that, and I'll just tantalize you with this quotation:
The other salient point is that obviously Europe does have a religion: radical secularism. The era of the state church has been replaced by an age in which the state itself is the church. European progressives still don't get this: they think the idea of a religion telling you how to live your life is primitive, but the government regulating every aspect of it is somehow advanced and enlightened.