Or Are They Just More Likely to Smoke?

Roman Catholic Blog links (scroll down, the permalink's not working for me) to a story on a recent government study of sexuality which concludes that homosexuals are 107% more likely than the rest of the population to have been arrested for illegal activity. The doctor flakking the study says it's been sitting on a shelf for a year because its conclusions are radioactive politically speaking.
For both homosexual men and lesbians, the percent who have been arrested is slightly more than double (22.8%) the number of heterosexuals who have been arrested(11%).
This was interesting news. But if you scroll down, you find that the study isolated the incidence of arrests in homosexuals and three other "anti-social" groups: those who use illicit drugs, those who engage in prostitution (as consumers or providers), and. . .wait for it. . . smokers.
Forget the homosexual hijinks, Honey, I am outraged that the govt. spent 13 million bucks on a study that puts smoking in the same category as prostitution! Therefore, as I read it (working from the summary, not the study itself), an equally valid conclusion might be that gays, hookers and drug users are no more troublesome to society than smokers are --judging from their arrest/"public disturbance" records. Hmmm.