Rebuild the Towers

Ask Spousal Unit. RC2 has been saying since 9/12/01 that the only satisfying thing to build at Ground Zero is the same two towers. This is a strange position for RC2 to hold, since she always hated the Twin Towers. But that was before she knew the names of Osama bin Laden and Mohammed Atta, and the 18 et ceteras.
Anything else seems like a capitulation, and what's called for is not only a memorial, but defiance, and a statement of the American spirit. (Part of her could also go for the design which proposed a cluster of five buildings, with the middle one extending far beyond the others --you've seen the cartoon she's thinking of, no doubt-- but that wouldn't be right in the long run).
Rebuild the towers. Turns out the Donald has a better idea. Rebuild the towers --plus one floor more. Scary to be on the same side as the Donald on anything, but the Claremont Institute agrees, so RC2 breathes a sigh of relief. She ain't crazy.