"Red on Red Fighting"

Caught a few moments of the John Batchelor Show (ABC radio) on the way home last night. Never quite know what to make of him. He plays eerie bumper music and invites knowledgeable-sounding guests with gnostic knowledge of all things military and Middle Eastern who say things you don't hear anywhere else. I never know if I am listening to conspiracy theories or information.
Nevertheless, since the items I've noticed have usually panned out once the MSM got around to covering his stories, I pass this along for what it's worth. Guest John Loftus said yesterday that we are seeing an upswing in attacks on our soldiers in Iraq because of recent infighting between Saddam loyalists and al-Qaeda fighters. He says that--particularly near the Syrian border-- the native Iraqis are tired of al-Qaeda targeting Iraqi citizens and there have been several incidents of Iraqi insurgents turning their fire on the al-Qaeda guys. Their message: "Hey, if you're going to kill people, let it be Americans." Kind of a good news/bad news scenario, right? Make of it what you will.
Has anyone seen that story anywhere else?
UPDATE: ninme writes me that she's seen it, too, so it must be true! And here's a NYT story of "red-on-red."