Talk radio and the blogosphere have been going ape all week tearing down the "journalistic achievement" that was Watergate and the clubby, self-congratulatory re-living of the glory days that Woodward, Bernstein, Ben Bradlee et all have been indulging in w/ the talking heads all week. You know RC2 is not impressed w/ their accomplishments, but she feels benevolent towards their reminiscing. This is what people who have lived through an exciting time in their lives do when occasion warrants it. They go back, they re-hash. Heaven knows we on the right did the same when Reagan died, and then John Paul II. We'll do it again when the two remaining lions of the 20th c. pass on to their reward (Solzhenitsyn and Lady Thatcher, she means).
Nevertheless, RC2 can't help thinking of a phrase W. is said to employ often when advisors bring him certain kinds of problems. "Small ball, " he is said to say dismissively. In other words, the Presidency is for big ideas, not minutiae. The Reaganauts & Popesters are proud (among other things) of having brought down an evil empire that had killed more than 50 million people, collectively, and threatened what was left of the free world. The victory being celebrated this week? "We brought down Richard Nixon."
See what she means?