The Storied Journey of Faith

Amy Welborn, author of the Prove It! apologetics series, posted a surprising pet peeve yesterday. She doesn't like it when people compare the journey of faith to a story. She has a point --if you teach people that everyone has a personal story and each story is equally valid, well --that's just the sad ol' tale of relativism. Introduce people to the person, Jesus, she says.

I can't disagree with that in so far as it goes, but has she noticed that Jesus himself used a story to introduce himself? We know what the Church itself calls the story of salvation --salvation history-- through Scripture. We introduce people to the living Christ precisely by telling his story and showing how it is their own story. What Welborn objects to, it seems to me, is not story-telling itself, but the fact that not all stories are true. To win hearts, you have to tell a true story --and therein lies the challenge not only of apologists and preachers, but of artists and film-makers today.