Uh-oh. Don't Tell the Traditionalists

They would have to be disappointed by B16's address to the Ambassador from Azerbaijan to the Holy See.

The Holy Father said this: "As Azerbaijan continues to engage in the delicate task of forging its national character, it is to faith communities that political and civic authorities can turn for a determined commitment to shaping the social order in accordance with the common good. Such commitment demands that religious freedom, which preserves the singularity of each faith community, be sanctioned as a fundamental civil right and afforded protection by a robust framework of juridical norms which respect the laws and duties proper to religious communities"

Holy Heresy, Batman! He cited Dignitatis Humanae (Vatican II's declaration on religious freedom) as his authority (not once but twice). Traditionalists consider that document a departure from the Tradition, so the hope that B16 would issue in a Golden Age of smackdown on modernism appears to be dashed.