The Uselessness of Gossip About the Vatican, or What Is Sandro Magister Talking About?

The Catholic blogosphere has been chatting (hopefully or warily, depending on perspective) about a story originating with Italian journalist Sandro Magister saying that when the current Master of Ceremonies for Papal Masses retires, B16 will "restore" the Mass by using Latin. Here's the lede:
Pope Benedict XVI wants to restore the traditional ceremonial Mass in St. Peter's Basilica, with Latin instead of the vernacular and Gregorian chants.

Can you make any sense of that? Is it a misplaced participle, meaning to say the Pope will restore Latin & Gregorian Chant and get rid of the vernacular? Or are we supposed to think B16 likes Latin, but will ban Chant?

Furthermore, I have been to approximately 30 papal masses in my life, and except for those celebrated here in the States, the parts of the Mass were always in Latin. So this seems to me to be a non-story picked up by people who know nothing about mass at the Vatican and/or are desperate to paint Benedict as a troglodyte or source of controversy.