VDH Friday

I think his column today ends on too sour a note --I don't think the country has turned on the war. Support for it has ebbed and flowed with news cycles, and there's no reason to think that if the Administration defended the war against the current MSM badnewsathon, support wouldn't increase again. And recent polling shows no one is buying the Gitmo-as-Gulag spin.
He provides his usual weekly reality check, nonetheless. Loved this:
When Western liberals today talk of a mythical period in the days after 9/11 of
"unity" and "European solidarity" what they really remember is a Golden Age of
Victimhood, or about four weeks before the strikes against the Taliban
commenced. Then for a precious moment at last the United States was a real
victim, apparently weak and vulnerable, and suffering cosmic justice from a
suddenly empowered other. Oh, to return to the days before Iraq and Afghanistan,
when we were hurt, introspective, and pitied, and had not yet "lashed out."