$12 A Day for Coffee?

I like, nay need, a good cup of coffee as much as the next caffeine addict, but really, people. WaPo's Food section today has a story about local businesses springing for gourmet coffee in the office because they're losing so much time to employee coffee runs.
Heather Charles, senior finance manager, says before Roman made the upgrade, coffee at K12 "literally made me sick." So she and some co-workers organized a coffee club. Twice a day, a member would fight Northern Virginia traffic to make the run to a Starbucks drive-through. Charles kept a spreadsheet. "I was spending $6 a day for coffee." Others were spending as much as $12 a day. When the office began providing Starbucks, "it was like getting a raise."
Close to $400/month on coffee? Don't you people have college to send your kids to? I begin to understand why people think prisoners in Gitmo are being tortured.