And Last, For Today. . .

Via Hugh Hewitt, a RWN column debunking 8 myths about the Iraq war. Most of it will not be news to readers of this blog, but it's a handy little compendium for your next debate.
I enjoyed the little excerpt of the recent Ron Reagan interview with Christopher Hitchens (they sent a boy to do a man's job, as my uncle says when we play Euchre). I would love to read a transcript of the whole thing. Ninme has a link to the video, but my poor ol' machine is acting wonky and will no doubt crash any day, so I dasn't try to watch it.
And as for the last point in the column, I haven't bothered to pay attention to the Downing Street Memo because it doesn't say anything that Paul Wolfowitz didn't tell us outright shortly after the war began, or that wasn't covered in Bob Woodward's Bush At War, so you have to not have been paying attention to think it is some sort of smoking gun for Bush malfeasance.The Administration had many reasons for going to war, and they did every honest thing they could to make the case --including leading with the argument they thought would be the most convincing.