bin Laden Popularity At All-Time Low

Maybe you've seen the Pew research poll that shows Osama's poll numbers have tanked all over the Muslim world, but Chrenkoff has the most succinct summary. This is after the poll a few months ago which showed that after Tsunami aid, Indonesians who once like Osama 86% and Bush some piddling percent had utterly reversed their minds. So, with his poll numbers tanking, isn't it time for the press to turn on bin Laden in a feeding frenzy?
If you go to his main page, right below the post linked above is another interesting post about how stalwart Danish support for the war is --it's even gone up following 7/7, although the Danes were explicitly threatened to be next. Oh, heck, I'll link it for you.
(Speaking of the Danes, didja ever see the Shrinklit series? Little collections of summaries of the Great Works of Literature in light verse. The one for Beowulf begins thus: "Monster Grendel's tastes were plainish. Breakfast? Just a couple Danish.")