Blissfully Un-Self-Aware

Running errands this ayem I listened to Laura Ingraham for awhile, and she was playing excerpts of a speech Chuck Schumer gave at the National Press Club recently (didn't catch when). Among the things he said was that what he learned in college in the 60s was to despise ideologues. Yep, if there's anything Chuck Schumer can't stand, it's an ideologue. I am of the considered opinion that no one deliberately tells a lie that ridiculous, so he must actually believe it.
Once before our daughter had started school, we ran into a bunch of her older brother's classmates at the park. The boys started playing tag, and she thought she was playing too, although the truth is that they paid her no mind. She just joined the huddle and ran at the same time as everyone else. After a time, very pleased, she said to me, "Mommy, Mommy, I think I must be faster than all the first grade boys because I am the only one who has never been caught!" Lack of self-knowledge can be a beautiful thing.