Crossing the Threshold of Confession

I don't know, I just liked that expression, which Russell Shaw took from Ratzinger, who took it from JPII's book on hope. Seemed like this article from canon lawyer Rev. Peter Vere was related, somehow. Anyone ever read John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress? Now it seems impossibly naive and didactic to me, but when I was about 10 I adored it. I think I had a copy without the "thees" and "thous" called Little Pilgrim's Progress that I must have read five times one summer. In the climactic scene when Pilgrim reaches the foot of the cross, the enormous burden he's been carrying the whole journey falls off and rolls down the hill. I always feel that way after Confession --almost physically lighter, though obviously this is a personal emotional response. (Hey, maybe that's the way to sell the product. The guilt-free diet. Shed your cares and feel 10 pounds lighter in no time.)