EEEEEEEW. Body Integrity Identity Disorder

It's the desire to be an amputee. On the rise, apparently. Worse, "ethicists" are arguing it's not a disorder. Couldn't agree more with this Mere Comments post on the subject, nor with Wesley Smith's original article, which inspired the post. In the post, Wilfred McCray concludes, "One is tempted to wonder what more gruesome illustration there could be, of the folly of a social order with no standard higher than individual autonomy. But at the rate things are going, we won't have to wait long for it."
This proves J. Budziszewski's thesis about conscience --it isn't passive, it has an inexhorable logic, which, if malformed, it will follow to increasingly dark and tragic places. (I've linked to "The Revenge of Conscience" before, but here it is again.)